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CCTV Drain Surveys in Stevenage | 4 Times You Need A Drain Survey

Although CCTV drain surveys may sound like they’re for complex situations, we actually use them on a daily basis. There are many circumstances when a full survey is beneficial, and you don’t need to be experiencing drain problems. We undertake surveys for customers in Stevenage and the surrounding areas who are moving home, carrying out regular maintenance, or having drainage issues. With specialist equipment, we quickly and accurately assess systems and identify issues, enabling you to take suitable action.

This guide explains the main times you need a CCTV survey, ensuring the ongoing reliability of your system.

1. When Buying a Property

Buying a property is a big investment, so naturally you want to know exactly what you’re getting. As such, CCTV drain surveys are something you definitely don’t want to miss when inspecting a property.

Drainage Facilities Management Ltd conducts a full inspection of pipework to ensure there aren’t any existing issues that could result in serious future problems. Because drainage issues aren’t something you’ll notice just by looking round a home, it is essential to call the professionals for an in-depth look.

We also carry out CCTV drain surveys for customers in Stevenage who are selling their homes. This helps ensure your sale isn’t delayed.

2. Before a Tenant Moves In

If you are a landlord, you have a duty to ensure drains, sewers and waste pipes are in good condition. Consequently, before letting a property in Stevenage, you should make sure all drainage elements are in a safe and functional condition. The best way to do this is with CCTV surveys because they quickly check the entire system.

Pre-tenancy surveys are also beneficial because you can use them to prove the condition of the drains at the time of letting. This helps prevent potential disputes should the tenant cause damage in the future.

3. When Building Over Pipes

If you are planning on extending your home in Stevenage, you may have to carry out CCTV drain surveys before and after construction. If building over or near pipes, the water authority will insist on a build over survey, which includes a CCTV survey.

Build over surveys assess the location, condition, depth and size of drainage to ensure work won’t restrict drains. They also help determine if any damage following building work is the result of construction, and if you are liable.

4. When You Have One-Off or Ongoing Drainage Issues

If you are having problems with your household drainage and you don’t know why, CCTV drain surveys are a must. With flexible cameras that reach every area of your system, our team identify the location and cause of any issues.

Such an accurate diagnosis enables us to provide the most efficient and reliable solutions. This makes drain surveys ideal for customers in Stevenage who are experience on-going drain issues. However, surveys are just as beneficial if you have a one-off blockage, leak or other problem.

Many people try and solve drainage issues themselves by putting things like chemical unblockers down their drains. But DIY solutions often cause more harm than good, especially if you don’t know the cause of the problem.

CCTV drain surveys ensure we provide suitable solutions that actually fix the problem. Furthermore, they allow us to check that pipes are completely clear, and that we have fully resolved other issues. This minimises the risk of you experiencing more problems in the near future.

5. As Part of Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance on different areas of your home is essential for upholding function, condition and safety. However, homeowners often overlook drains until a problem arises.

At Drainage Facilities Management Ltd, we strongly recommend our customers in Stevenage arrange periodic drain maintenance, including CCTV drain surveys. This ensures we catch any minor issues or potential problems before they become serious.

The benefit of this is that any repairs will be quicker and cheaper. Regular maintenance also minimises inconvenience by preventing the need for major upheaval.

Please get in touch with Drainage Facilities Management Ltd on 01767 677600 to arrange CCTV drain surveys in Stevenage and the surrounding areas.

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