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Drainage Company in Bedford | 7 Common Septic Tank Problems

While septic tanks are excellent solutions for rural and off-grid homes, they are not without their problems. At some point, you may notice your toilet isn’t flushing properly, unpleasant smells around your property, or other issues. There are various problems that can occur with septic tanks, and it’s important you know what to look for. As an experienced drainage company, we’ve explained the most common problems property owners in Bedford may have with their septic tanks. This information will enable you to take appropriate action as soon as a problem arises, saving you time, money and stress.

If you notice anything unusual with your septic tank or household drainage, you should call a qualified drainage company, such as Drainage Facilities Management Ltd, as soon as possible. With industry training and specialist equipment, we quickly identify and resolve any issues.

The following are some of the most common problems property owners in Bedford and the surrounding areas may experience with septic tanks:

1. Root Damage

If there are trees or plants near your tank, their roots may cause issues. As well as growing through pipes and tank walls, roots can block soakaways.

When roots enter the system, they cause damage and leaks. When this happens, the system won’t work, in turn creating mess and potentially polluting the surrounding environment.

2. Lack of Maintenance

Proper maintenance is vital to ensure systems continue to work effectively and safely. This includes getting a licenced drainage company to periodically empty your tank in Bedford.

Failure to empty your tank often enough results in clogged pipes which causes foul smelling wastewater to back up into your home.

How often your tank needs emptying depends on its size and how many people use it. Some tanks need emptying once a year while others will only need emptying every 4-5 years. Make sure you know what your system needs and book in with a drainage company in plenty of time.

3. Ground Movement

Ground movement can put pressure on septic tanks and even small shifts in the earth can cause cracks in your system.

If this happens, the tank may back up and need emptying more frequently. Another issue is that ground water can seep into the tank. This stops your system in Bedford from properly separating waste.

4. Damage from Vehicles

Septic tanks are most common for rural homes and are often located in farmland that neighbours the property. If this is the case, tractors and other heavy farm machinery may drive over your tank or drainage field.

As an experienced drainage company, we’ve seen the damage this can cause. Too much pressure significantly damages systems and can even make them collapse.

5. Dip Pipes

Dip pipes make sure only the right type of waste enters the soakaway. However, when emptying the tank, it is easy to accidentally knock dip pipes off. When this happens, the wrong materials enter the soakaway, blocking it up.

Damaged dip pipes cause wastewater to back up into your Bedford home. You may also notice wastewater pooling on the surface of your garden.

6. Collapsed Baffle

A baffle works in a similar way to a dip pipe. Depending on your system, you’ll have one or the other, or both. When a baffle collapses, solid waste can flow into the soakaway. Because soakaway systems can only handle liquid waste, this is a serious issue.

As with damaged dip pipes, a collapsed baffle causes your soakaway to become blocked. Wastewater then backs up or pools.

7. Ground Conditions

When a drainage company installs a septic tank, they test the ground to determine if conditions are suitable for a soakaway.

However, the ground can become more saturated over time. Consequently, even if conditions were suitable at the time of installation, the ground at your Bedford property may no longer meet the requirements for an effective soakaway.

When you need a professional drainage company in Bedford and the surrounding areas, call us on 01767 677600.

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