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CCTV Drain Surveys in Cambridge | A Guide to Survey Results & Reports

While the process and benefits of CCTV drain surveys are well known, you might not know exactly what you get in terms of documentation. After carrying out drain surveys, we provide reports and documents for your records. These cover various aspects, such as condition, location and areas of concern. As well as helping you understand the exact condition of your drains, these reports offer evidence if you need to make an insurance claim or file a complaint. They are also beneficial for property sellers, homebuyers and landlords in Cambridge and the surrounding areas.

A significant benefit of CCTV drain surveys is the detail of reports. With visual and written results, you have a thorough understanding of our findings, giving you confidence in any subsequent remedial work.

The following are the key reports and documents associated with CCTV surveys, and what they include. To see how our customers benefit from our surveys and findings, please read their testimonials.

Video Footage

As part of your comprehensive report, we supply video footage of your drainage system on a USB. This allows you to look inside your drains in Cambridge and see exactly what we find. This gives you greater confidence in the condition of your drains because you don’t have to simply take our word for it.

CAD Drawings

Computer-aided design (CAD) drawings provide a detailed image of pipe layout and connections. With CCTV drain surveys, we locate pipes and draw clear pictures of the entire system. Surveys also help determine the type and size of pipes, which we include on drawings.

This information is important for determining the details of any necessary work. In addition, CAD drawings help establish who is responsible for drainage works. With a detailed layout, you know if a damaged pipe in Cambridge is on your property, a neighbour’s, or if it is the responsibility of the local council.

Full Drainage Report

When undertaking full CCTV drain surveys and reports, we include a range of useful information. With a full report of your Cambridge property, you can expect the following:

• Pipe Diameters
• Pipe Material
• Internal Condition of Pipework
• Pipe Defects
• Drain Length
• Drain Usage
• Direction of Flow
• Location of Drain Runs
• Connections, Water Levels & Observations Within Each Drain Run
• Findings/Conclusions
• Recommendations
• A USB with Full Report, Images & Videos

With this information, you can understand where your drains are, their depth, how big they are and which direction they flow in. We also highlight any damage, dips or general defects, with recommendations for repair.

It is important to note that not all defects need repairing. Unless they are a problem or a cause for concern, our engineers in Cambridge won’t necessarily advise on repair.

When Reports from CCTV Drain Surveys are Useful

Reports and results from drain surveys are beneficial to have in your records. There are various times they may come in useful, such as:

Insurance Purposes – Drain reports identify specific problems and act as evidence. If necessary, you can use this to place an insurance claim. Furthermore, drain surveys help when purchasing insurance cover for your property in Cambridge.

New Builds & Extensions – When constructing a new property or extension, it is important to know if drainage systems have been properly installed. Reports from CCTV drain surveys offer clear proof of any insufficient work.

It is also important to carry out surveys before and after construction, so you have proof of the condition of pipework. This helps determine who is liable for any damage should a problem occur with existing drainage systems either during or after construction.

Responsibility for Repairs – The findings of CCTV drain surveys help determine who is responsible for which drains. CAD drawings provide a map of drains within the boundaries of your property. As such, you know which drains belong to you, helping clear up any confusion over who is responsible for necessary drain repairs or services.

Call us today on 01767 677600 for comprehensive CCTV drain surveys and reports in Cambridge and the surrounding areas.

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