Blocked Drains and Septic Tank Emptying in Bedford | Avoiding Winter Flooding

During the winter, gullies, culverts and drains are more susceptible to blockages due to the larger amount of leaves, branches and other falling debris. As with all drainage installations, DFM’s specialist services in Bedford and the surrounding areas we cover across the South East help avoid any serious or emergency problems. With full training, our engineers deliver safe and reliable solutions for septic tanks, blocked drains, blocked toilets, culverts and more. This includes cesspit cleaning, septic tank emptying, tanker services and CCTV drain surveys, all of which ensure systems continue to function to maximum effectiveness, avoiding flooding and consequential damage.

Although our drainage company is more than happy and capable to resolve existing issues, prevention is always better than the cure. For this reason, we advise our customers to schedule regular cleaning and maintenance of drainage installations and systems.

Summer Clearances

Summer is often the best time to clear culverts and outside drains because the land is dry and hard enough to take the weight of large tankers, without them becoming stuck. This is especially relevant to large estates with drainage systems running through them.

During the summer, our engineers can access sites with lorry-mounted jetting and suction units, enabling for easy clearance of debris without damaging wet surfaces. This helps to prevent future flooding during the winter, when large vehicles may not be able to access your property in Bedford.

Our tanker services are ideal for a range of needs, including:

However, as a specialist drainage company, we have various equipment available to deal with a wide range of issues year-round, including CCTV drain surveys. All our staff undergo thorough training in health and safety and a variety of other areas to ensure we deliver the highest standard of workmanship on every job.

As well as culvert cleaning, this also allows us to provide cesspit cleaning and effective services for septic tanks.

Avoiding Blockages

Blocked drains, gullies and culverts in Bedford quickly lead to flooding. Keeping these systems clear and in good condition prevents the accumulation of standing water, which can result in expensive damage to land and structures.

The heavy rain and strong winds we experience during the autumn and winter months result in leaves, twigs and other debris finding their way into drainage installations. The summer clearance services our drainage company provides help minimise blockages, but it is important to regularly check the condition of systems.

Ensuring drainage remains clear is essential to maintaining safe and effective systems. As professional engineers, we inspect all elements and offer suitable solutions. This includes cleaning culverts, clearing and repairing pipes, maintaining septic tanks and cesspit cleaning.

Our team uses a number of techniques to efficiently clear debris in Bedford before it causes a blockage. CCTV drain surveys, high-pressure water jetting, septic tank emptying and tanker services are just a few of the methods in which the DFM team is trained. Furthermore, we know it is not always possible to catch the early signs of a blockage. As such, we offer services to quickly resolve blocked drains, blocked toilets and other issues.

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