Maintaining Septic Tanks and Cesspit Cleaning in Cambridge | Important to Health and the Environment

When domestic or commercial properties are served by septic tanks or cesspits, it is essential to ensure a professional drainage company, such as DFM, undertakes regular maintenance services. This includes septic tank emptying, cesspit cleaning, tanker services and CCTV drain surveys. We also clean culverts, provide solutions for blocked drains and blocked toilets, and offer full drainage installations for system replacements or new constructions.

Dysfunctional or poorly maintained systems can have adverse effects on the environment, as well as causing disruption to your property in Cambridge or the surrounding areas we cover. With complete training and many years’ experience in the industry, we provide safe and effective solutions to keep systems functioning as they should.

If you have a septic tank or cesspit, you have a responsibility to make sure surrounding human and environmental health is not impacted. Regular servicing and maintenance by drainage experts helps prevent issues and ensures you remain on the right side of the law.

Legal Requirements

There are various regulations surrounding the installation and maintenance of septic tanks and cesspits in the UK. These exist to protect the health of the nearby population as well as the local environment. Owning a leaking or overflowing cesspit is an offence under the 1936 Public Health Act. If this goes on to pollute a watercourse, the Environment Agency can take legal action. As such, it is important to make sure systems are always in good condition.

Our drainage company inspects all associated components of drainage installations and provides complete services in Cambridge to ensure you get the most from your system. This can include clearing blocked drains and pipes and carrying out CCTV drain surveys.

Regular septic tank emptying and cesspit cleaning are the best ways to prevent overflowing as well as blocked toilets. This is also a great opportunity to carry out inspections, allowing us to identify potential problems, such as leaks, and address them before they become a serious issue.

As Environment Agency approved waste carriers, we empty and dispose of waste in an appropriate and responsible way through our specialist tanker services. If providing septic tanks or cesspits as part of new installations, our qualified engineers ensure systems meet latest legal requirements.

Environmental Benefits of Proper Maintenance

Periodic septic tank emptying and cleaning, as well as cesspit cleaning and maintenance, is important to protecting the surrounding Cambridge environment due to the following reasons:

With many years’ experience providing reliable drainage installations, DFM is the unbeatable drainage company for cesspit and septic tank services in Cambridge. Our comprehensive solutions, which include resolving blocked drains and blocked toilets and undertaking CCTV drain surveys, ensure customers receive efficient and cost-effective services.

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