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Clearance of Blocked Drains and Tanker Services in Cambridge | Key Signs Your Drain Needs Professional Care

When a drainage issue occurs, it can lead to a great deal of anxiety and leave you feeling confused over the possible cause. If the problem seemingly takes care of itself but returns intermittently, then you may be tempted to ignore the problem until later down the line. However, any delay may lead to further problems and impact the condition of your system or your property as a whole.

Clients in Cambridge rely on Drainage Facilities Management Ltd (DFM) for tanker services, septic tank emptying, the clearance of blocked drains and CCTV drain surveys. See below for some of the key signs of a blocked drain, then please contact our drainage company for a free consultation with no call-out fees.

Foul Odours and Strange Sounds

Foul odours can signify a blockage in your drainage system. Whether it comes from the build-up of food, sanitary towels or grease, any blockage may leave an unpleasant smell in your Cambridge home. Bizarre noises in the drains and pipes might also signify a growing blockage – with the sound indicating the presence of trapped air in the system.

If your property in Cambridge still smells once the blocked drains are cleared, then speak to our team for CCTV drain surveys. We use the latest technology to pinpoint the source of the blockage and also perform tanker services, septic tank emptying, patching and re-lining.

Raised Water and Slow Draining

Flushing a blocked toilet will result in a water level that very slowly drains over time. Although you may initially have some success with a plunger, recurring issues deserves professional attention from an experienced drainage company. Our accredited team will work to clear your blocked drains before an overflow can occur.

Caused by either a blockage in the system or a collapsed pipe, slow draining is a key indicator that your property in Cambridge demands expert care. We operate on a 24-hour basis and also perform CCTV drain surveys for a clear understanding of the problem.

Damp and Structural Damage

A drainage system is designed to flush wastewater away from your property, protecting the building itself from damage. If this system is disrupted in the longer term, perhaps due to a collapsed pipe, then you may experience penetrating damp and some degree of structural damage. For this reason, it’s important to get in touch with an experienced drainage company as soon as possible. DFM uses CCTV drain surveys to uncover the cause in great time, keeping your property in Cambridge safe from water damage.

As an experienced team with decades on the job, we recognise subsistence as a potential sign of a collapsed pipe. Our team also offers tanker services, septic tank emptying and drainage services of unrivalled quality.

Please contact our drainage company on 01767 677600 for septic tank emptying, tanker services and the clearance of blocked drains in the Cambridge area.

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