Experts Resolving Blocked Drains and Blocked Toilets in Hertfordshire | When Are CCTV Drain Surveys Needed?

At DFM, we specialise in resolving drainage issues for clients in Hertfordshire and the surrounding areas. Our drainage company clears blocked drains and blocked toilets and provides CCTV drain surveys, cesspit cleaning, drainage installations, septic tank emptying, septic tanks and tanker services. Our team uses drain surveys to gain real-time images of drains’ condition and assess any current or potential issues.

There are many reasons why you may need a drain survey. A few of the most common reasons include:

Purchasing a New Property

If you are buying your first home or want to move to a new house, you will likely require a drain survey. Surveying the sewers before you sign contracts is sensible because a survey will provide a clear idea of the drainage infrastructure’s state. This makes you aware of issues and repairs that may be required, so you can make an informed decision about the property. Surveys are also helpful if you are having building work done, such as an extension, so the existing drainage system isn’t damaged.

Water Draining Slowly

Sinks or baths taking longer to drain are clear indicators of a blockage in your drainage system. Pinpointing the blockage's location and extent can be difficult without the right equipment, which is where CCTV drain surveys come in. A professional drainage company, such as DFM, can locate the blockage and identify the cause with top-of-the-line tools. This means we can then quickly clear blocked drains and blocked toilets.

Our team provides further services across Hertfordshire to keep properties functioning optimally, including cesspit cleaning, drainage installations, septic tank emptying, septic tanks and tanker services.

Suspected Rat Problem

If you’ve heard scratching sounds or found dropping in your home, you likely have a rat problem. Rodent infestations cause serious health and hygiene risks. A CCTV drain survey will identify how rats are entering your home, typically through the pipes, so you can then fix the problem and keep your home safe.

Comprehensive Services

Our drainage company provides a wide range of services to meet all requirements. Some of the popular services DFM provides in Hertfordshire and the surrounding areas include:

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