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Tanker Services and Septic Tank Emptying in Hitchin | A Brief History of the Septic Tank

Septic tanks blend technology with natural decomposition to treat wastewater. Although these tanks have changed over time, with a crude version existing in ancient times, their modern history dates as far back as 150 years. Today, they allow properties without a dedicated sewage system to remain safe and free from the effects of harmful waste material.

With a talent for clearing blocked drains, CCTV drain surveys and over four decades of experience, Drainage Facilities Management Ltd (DFM) performs septic tank emptying for modern systems in the Hitchin area.

Whether you experience a blocked drain, require tanker services or have an overflowing septic tank, our drainage company will be thrilled to assist. We strive for outstanding results in everything we do and deliver a robust service to clients in the Hitchin area – all on a 24-hour basis and with no call-out fees.

Humble Beginnings

Although you might expect septic tanks to have originated from the mind of a brilliant scientist, they actually come from a Frenchman named John Mouras. In 1860, Mouras created a prototype made from concrete and clay, with piping that allowed wastewater to flow from his home to his yard, where it was then stored for long periods. After numerous years, Mouras inspected the cesspool to find that it was virtually free of solid waste.

Once introduced to the UK, septic tank emptying became a necessity to ensure safe living conditions for all concerned. Our drainage company performs this service in the Hitchin area and also carries out CCTV drain surveys, tanker services and the prompt clearance of blocked drains.

Use Within Modern Properties

Since Mouras’ discovery, septic tanks have changed in terms of the materials used, including fibreglass and plastic, with effluent filters, tank risers and alarms for greater efficiency. Septic tanks are now popular in rural areas, serving as a useful alternative to a centralised sewage system. Health agencies have found a tangible link between contact with sewage and disease, which is why septic tank owners must now comply with legal regulations.

If you notice slow draining or foul odours around your Hitchin property, then please call our drainage company as soon as possible. DFM provides the following services to clients in Hitchin and the surrounding areas:

• The clearance of blocked drains on a 24-hour basis
• Tanker services including gully and catch pit cleaning
• CCTV drain surveys, re-lining and patch repairs
• Septic tank emptying to current health and safety standards
• Professional advice from an experienced drainage company
• The capacity to handle small and large-scale projects alike

Please call our reliable drainage company on 01767 677600 for septic tank emptying, tanker services and CCTV drain surveys. We also clear blocked drains in the Hitchin area.

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