Drainage Installations in Letchworth Garden City | Maintenance and Repairs From Drainage Company

Drainage Facilities Management Ltd provides professional drainage maintenance and repair services 24/7. Our drainage company works with councils, homeowners and industrial clients, clearing blocked drains, emptying septic tanks and delivering tanker services. Using the latest technology in the business, we also undertake CCTV drain surveys, resolve blocked toilets and undertake cesspit cleaning.

With vast industry experience, our team maintains drainage installations in Letchworth Garden City and the surrounding areas we cover to the highest standard. With a skillset covering everything from septic tank emptying and oil interceptor maintenance to flood and pollution removal, we meet your needs.

Drain Lining

If you have a cracked pipe, you may expect our team to excavate however, with CCTV drain surveys and modern re-lining techniques, this is far less likely. Our ‘no-dig’ lining system enables us to repair your pipes in excellent time, whether the damage was caused by blocked drains, underground movement or something else.

Our drainage company can restore pipes in Letchworth Garden City using an inflatable packer. This is then coated with a fibreglass mat and epoxy resin that bonds to the damaged area. Once this resin has cured, your pipe will be just as strong, if not stronger, than it was before.

Cleaning and Unblocking

Some systems, such as septic tanks, need periodic emptying and cleaning to keep them working properly. This may involve specialist tanker services. In addition, most property owners will need unblocking services at some point to enable the free flow of wastewater through their drainage installation.

Our drainage company can help with various cleaning and unblocking requirements in Letchworth Garden City. Our services include septic tank emptying, culvert cleaning and cesspit cleaning as well as work to clear blocked toilets and drains. We also provide CCTV surveys to identify the cause of the issue and assess the overall condition of pipework.


Maintaining septic tanks, pipework and all other aspects of drainage systems is essential to keeping them safe and functional. At DFM, we offer a range of maintenance services for domestic and commercial drainage installations. Whether you need one-off, ongoing or emergency solutions, we are here to help.

Our maintenance services in Letchworth Garden City include:

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