Septic Tanks and Drainage Installations in Peterborough | Complete Underground Drainage Services

Underground drainage installations play a vital role in the function of domestic and commercial properties. To ensure systems meet individual needs and work to maximum effectiveness, it is important for an experienced drainage company, such as Drainage Facilities Management Ltd, to carry out associated work. This includes the installation and maintenance of septic tanks, along with cesspit cleaning. Specialists in all areas of drainage, we also offer tanker services, CCTV drain surveys and the clearance of blocked drains and blocked toilets to meet all individual needs in Cambridge, Peterborough and the surrounding areas we cover.

At DFM, our engineers undergo training in all relevant fields, covering everything from septic tank emptying to water jetting. With full knowledge of industry methods and practices, we deliver services which consistently meet the highest health and safety standards.

When you require drainage installations, we ensure work adheres to building controls and regulations. We also avoid potentially serious and expensive damage to structures and surfaces. Adept at all kinds of domestic and commercial work, our underground drainage services include:

Site Visits, Estimates and Applications

A key aspect of effective drainage is providing the most appropriate solutions for each job. To deliver the best possible service, our drainage company conducts onsite inspections and assessments to determine the requirements of your project.

This can include the provisions for septic tanks and cesspits, ensuring suitable access for tanker services and cesspit cleaning, along with all other drainage requirements. For example, connecting to mains systems and avoiding existing obstacles.

Once we have assessed your site in Peterborough, we provide a no-obligation quote to give you a realistic idea of project costs. With extensive knowledge of regulations, we advise on necessary permits and approvals, applying for these if needed.

Proper Drainage Installations

When undertaking installation services, we use the most suitable materials and approaches for individual requirements. This includes laying pipework at the correct gradient to allow for maximum efficiency and to minimise the risk of blocked drains and blocked toilets.

We also connect pipes to existing external systems and internal units to ensure properties in Peterborough and the surrounding areas have reliable, hygienic and long-lasting drainage. Furthermore, our drainage company provides CCTV drain surveys to ensure new systems meet the highest standards.

Part of our services involves making provisions for maintenance access. For example, we ensure septic tanks are accessible for septic tank emptying. We also include features such as inspection chambers.


Proper maintenance is essential to ensure systems remain functional and have a long lifespan. At DFM, we are experts in all aspects of drain maintenance, from cesspit cleaning to patch lining and culvert cleaning.

With a range of specialist equipment, we provide tanker services, CCTV drain surveys, clearance of blocked toilets and blocked drains, and more, in Peterborough with minimal disruption. Cesspit and septic tank emptying and cleaning are subject to stringent controls, which we adhere to.

If you require drainage installations in Peterborough or the East of England, contact us on 01767 677600.
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