Cesspit Cleaning and Blocked Drains in St Neots | Common Causes of Blockages and How we Fix Them

Drainage issues, such as blocked drains, blocked toilets and backed-up septic tanks, can arise through a lack of knowledge or through no fault of your own. As an experienced drainage company, we recognise the warning signs of a major blockage and perform CCTV drain surveys to get to the root of recurring issues. We also provide high-quality tanker services, septic tank emptying, cesspit cleaning and drain repairs, along with expert advice to keep drainage installations fully functional.

This dedication makes us a favourite among homeowners, council workers and industrial clients in St Neots and the surrounding areas we cover across the East of England. The following are common causes of drain blockages, and how we can help:

Solidified Grease

Are you pouring hot grease down the sink? If so, then you can expect to experience blocked drains in the near future. Fat solidifies as it cools, clogging your pipes and resulting in the need for a professional drainage company. Fatbergs also occur from the build-up of solidified fat and can take far longer to clear from drainage installations than an everyday blockage.

Our tanker services are ideal for clearing build-ups of fat, and we carry out CCTV drain surveys afterwards to check the condition of drains.

Toilet Paper

Although designed to be flushed, toilet paper remains one of the most common reasons for blocked toilets in the St Neots area. Too much paper may cause an immediate blockage and, in such cases, our team will arrive quickly to remove the blockage for you.

Wet Wipes

Contrary to popular belief, you should never flush wet wipes down the toilet. Wipes stick together and do not break up, leading to blockages in pipes and septic tanks that require specialist unblocking or tanker services to resolve. Our team can remove collected wet wipes in great time and proudly offer septic tank emptying and cesspit cleaning.

Tree Roots

Tree roots can grow through cracks in pipework, causing an obstruction that can only be removed through high-pressure water jetting or excavation. Our drainage company carries out CCTV drain surveys to assess the condition of your drains in the St Neots area and will work to clear blocked drains as efficiently as possible. If necessary, we can also provide brand-new drainage installations.

Foreign Objects

At DFM, we regularly see foreign objects such as hair, food waste and small toys thrown into the drainage system. By ensuring only biological water, waste and acceptable amounts of toilet paper go into drains, pipes and septic tanks, you reduce the odds of blocked toilets and drains, and can enjoy a functional property in the longer term.

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