Septic Tank Emptying and Tanker Services in Stevenage | Tips for the Long-Term Condition of Your Drainage System

Keeping your drainage system in good condition saves you a lot of money and stress over the years. This includes prolonging its lifespan and avoiding the need for costly new drainage installations. Blocked drains, blocked toilets, malfunctioning septic tanks and other drainage issues arise for numerous reasons, and it is important to address problems as soon as possible. This is where DFM can help. Our drainage company performs CCTV drain surveys to inspect the condition of your system and provides various services to keep it working for years to come. We invite you to browse our gallery page for examples of the quality work we undertake.

Clients in Stevenage and the surrounding areas we cover can enjoy reliable tanker services, septic tank emptying, cesspit cleaning and much more. Below we discuss some of the key ways we help you maintain your drains and reduce the likelihood of a major blockage.

Discard of Grease in the Proper Way

Although it may be tempting to pour grease down the sink, it won’t be long before the liquid cools and solidifies in your drainage system. By throwing fat away in the rubbish instead, you avoid future blockages. This also helps prevent fatbergs – keeping sewage systems in Stevenage running at full efficiency.

Grease and fats also cause serious issues with septic tanks and cesspits. If you regularly dispose of cooking fats down the drain, you may find you need more frequent cesspit cleaning and septic tank emptying to resolve the issues caused. In the long term, property owners may even need new drainage installations.

Disposing of Wet Wipes

Many people believe wet wipes are designed to break up within the drainage system, but this is not true. As a drainage company with over 80+ years of combined experience, we see just how big an issue wet wipes are. They are a major culprit for blocked drains and blocked toilets as well as blockages and damage to septic tanks.

Through our tanker services, we often dislodge large clumps of wet wipes, and we urge customers in Stevenage to always throw wipes away in the rubbish rather than flush them. When we remove a blockage, we carry out CCTV drain surveys to ensure drains are clear and operational.

Protect Your System with a Drain Guard

Hair, food scraps and debris can collect in pipework and lead to blockages. By investing in a drain guard for sinks, showers and baths, you can reduce the amount of foreign objects that enter the system, keeping your drains as clean as possible. Drain guards prove especially useful for clients in Stevenage who wash their pets regularly.If you are experiencing slow-draining water or foul smells from drains, DFM provides services to clear blocked toilets, drains and pipework, with long-term effects.

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To ensure drainage installations last as long as possible, it is important to call a professional drainage company for any necessary work. At DFM, we offer complete solutions you can trust, including:

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